Julie Dabrusin
Julie Dabrusin
Member of Parliament for Toronto—Danforth
About Julie Dabrusin

Julie Dabrusin is a long-time resident of Toronto–Danforth who is committed to building up federal support for a strong, safe and sustainable city. She advocates for public transit, housing, the arts and small businesses. Julie has worked with the community on strengthening gun control and taking action to fight climate change. Currently, she is a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and a Member of the Natural Resources Committee.

Prior to becoming Member of Parliament Julie practiced law for many years, including work on the Toronto External Contracts Inquiry which investigated the city’s procurement of goods and services. Julie left her practice to raise her daughters and to participate more actively in the local community. She soon became known as a strong community leader, which earned her the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award for Community Service in 2013. Her activities included launching the Second Harvest Danforth Hunger Squad, founding Friends of Withrow Park, and working with local food banks and farmers’ markets.

Julie was first elected to Parliament in 2015 and has developed expertise in various areas government.

Creative Industries: The creative industries are an important part of our local economy and Julie has worked extensively with artists to have their voice heard in Ottawa. She chaired a committee that recommended modernizing copyright law to ensure that artists are properly compensated for their work. Julie served as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage from December 12th 2019 to August 15th 2021.

Food Policy: Building on her work with local food banks and farmers’ markets, Julie played a strong role in the development of Canada’s first National Food Policy, advocating for a national school food program, support for sustainable agriculture, and science-based healthy eating guidelines such as the ban on trans fats and the new Canada Food Guide.

Environmental Protection: Julie’s action on the environment and climate change includes work to modernize the Canada Environmental Protection Act, which includes developing the ban on single-use plastics and building a circular economy that places responsibility on the producers of waste to ensure that their items do not end up in landfill. She has supported putting a price on carbon pollution, has taken a strong stance against oil sands expansion, and has promoted the critical need for a transition from fossil fuels to a low-carbon economy. She has shared the priorities of local environmental groups with her colleagues in Ottawa. As a local resident who relies on cycling, walking and transit to get around the city, Julie is committed to federal support for public transit and cycling infrastructure.

Small Business: Small businesses are the backbone of our community, creating jobs and providing tailored local services that make Toronto–Danforth a strong and vibrant place to work and live. Julie has amplified local business concerns and made sure their ideas and needs are being heard and addressed by government.

As we emerge from this historic pandemic, our community needs to have local concerns heard and acted on in Ottawa. Please reach out to talk with Julie and share your thoughts about how to best support our community and our country at large; her office would be happy to find a time for a call or meeting.
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